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Servis Rhino Rebel 60

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Servis Rhino Rebel 60

Rhino’s Rebel Series tillers are built tough. Every size in this line is available in both forward and reverse tillage. Each rotor comes equipped with a hardened, “L” shaped blade. With hitches continuously welded to the mainframe, as well as slip-clutch protection on the drive train, repairs and downtime are sure to be rare!

Six Hardened "L" Blades per Rotor Flange
Cast Iron Gearbox Housing
Front to Rear Hitch Points are Continuously Welded to the Mainframe
Metal Debris Deflector (Reverse Model Only)
CAT 1 Standard and QH (5 & 6 ft Model Only)
CAT 1 & 2 Standard and QH (7 ft Model)
Slip Clutch Driveline Protection Comes Standard
1/2" Steel End Plates

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